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Logo Rebost Comtat Besalú
Logo Rebost Comtat Besalú

The Rebost of Besalú County was created in December 1995

The Rebost of Besalú County was created in December 1995 from the stock of Ramon Sala i Canadell’s collection. It is a permanent exhibition of the tools used in the elaboration of traditional products of the region. Along with visiting us, you can sample and purchase products typical to the Garrotxa.

Antique weapons collection (firearms, knives, swords)

Upon entering the museum, you’ll find a collection of antique weapons: crossbows, lances, guns, knives, and swords that allow you to see the tools used by our predecessors in this region.

Entry Rebost
Wine Bottle

Oil, honey, cheese, charcuterie, wine, and bread (the basic products of this area)

Upon entering the Rebost you’ll find:

  • Tools used in the conservation and commerce of oil.
  • Tools used in the manufacturing of cheese.
  • A kneading-trough for bread dough.
  • Different presses for fats, preserves, oil…
  • A selection of wine bottles.
  • Kneaders used in the mixing and pulping of meat used for deli meats.
  • The utensils used in the manufacturing of deli meats.
  • Different types of spices.

Wood, Medieval, Roman, and Copper Age tools

  • Exhibition of wooden tools such as spoons and forks, all hand-crafted, typical to the area.
  • Ceramics used in the medieval age.
  • Return to Roman times with the ceramics, glass fragments, and coins of the era.
  • And from the Copper Age you’ll find ceramics, and polished bones used in the decoration of ceramics, and a collection of grinding stones used to make flour.
Group El Rebost
Taste Charcuterie

Are you part of a coach tour? You can visit us!

We will prepare a table in the centre of the Rebost where you can taste the different varieties of charcuterie we offer. . Nuri or Uxia will make you feel at home. They will explain in detail each product and its characteristics.

Group reservations can be made by calling 97 259 03 07.

Would you like to buy some typical charcuterie?

Individuals interested in purchasing some magnificent delicatessen products (gluten free varieties as well as some dairy or lactose free kinds available) and artisanal cheeses can simply visit our boutique found on the Rebost itself! Discover all of our products!

Tast Charcuterie Bull and Bisbe
Tools Wine Bottle
Hams Hanging plaster
Sausages Hanging plaster
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